英国南极调查 - Rothera Research Station

Ramboll. Rothera Research Station Wharf. 英国南极调查

Ramboll. Rothera Research Station Wharf. 英国南极调查


戴夫·格罗夫. Ramboll


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The Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme (AIMP) supports world-class 科学 through an upgrade of 英国南极调查 (BAS) 研究 stations and infrastructure. 其中包括为世界上最先进的极地研究船之一RRS做准备 大卫·阿滕伯勒爵士. 

由Ramboll领导的BAS技术顾问团队,包括北拼搏体育官网客户端下载师和Turner & 汤森为AIMP提供专业的工程和咨询拼搏体育官网客户端. 在罗瑟拉,现代化的拼搏体育官网客户端下载包括一个新的码头,以适应新的RRS 大卫·阿滕伯勒爵士 并以新的罗瑟拉总体规划升级车站基础设施. This includes several new buildings, and site wide services to reduce operating costs and keep Rothera fit-for-purpose to facilitate world leading 研究 for at least the next 25 years.

Rothera研究站, 在南极洲半岛, 是世界上最大的BAS研究机构,并为各种各样的BAS提供支援, UK and international collaborative 科学 programmes. 罗瑟拉大学支持的科学提供了气候变化的重要信息. Because the western Antarctic Peninsula has been the most rapidly-warming region in the Southern Hemisphere, 罗瑟拉是实时气候变化研究的理想选择. 该空间站目前有16栋拼搏体育官网客户端下载,夏季可容纳130名人员.

造价4000万英镑的罗瑟拉新码头于2018年至2019年间建成 & 2019/20年,由BAS的拼搏体育官网客户端下载合作伙伴BAM设计的Austral夏季,由Ramboll支持. 总体规划建设始于2019/20年,新发现的拼搏体育官网客户端下载破土动工. 


罗瑟拉的重新开发包括一个新的、更大的码头,以适应新的RRS 大卫·阿滕伯勒爵士. 这艘新船长128米,比以前的船长30米,吃水也更大. The new wharf features a larger crane and enhanced cargo handling facilities to accelerate relief times and improve facilities for the deployment of small boats and gliders for scientific use. As part of the BAS sustainability strategy, the new wharf construction made use of existing rock fill and the structure has an increased design life. Ensuring the construction on site went to plan, 利用BAM开发的数字模型对规划的施工顺序进行可视化, and helped to ensure the wharf was delivered on time.


罗瑟拉的许多拼搏体育官网客户端下载要么已经过去,要么即将结束它们的设计寿命, resulting in increasing operational costs. Ramboll has developed a masterplan and assessment study to ensure the replacement of buildings including the operations buildings, 机库, 海洋设施和住宿区以及场地范围内的基础设施, 为BAS及其他拼搏体育官网客户端下载人员提供最佳的拼搏体育官网客户端. 

拼搏体育官网客户端通过会议获得了终端用户的全面而重要的意见, workshops and one-to-ones to ensure the masterplan and assessment study addresses the specific needs of the station users. 这包括减少燃料使用量、维护成本、清除积雪和人工处理. 拼搏体育官网客户端还解决了改善空间站宜居性和团队间互动的需求.

Discovery Building for 科学 and operations

新的运营大楼, 命名为探索大厦,以纪念200年前发现南极洲, will consolidate and rationalise the estate, 更换遍布整个场地的一系列过时或维护成本高昂的拼搏体育官网客户端下载. 两层楼的4,500平方米的拼搏体育官网客户端下载将为野外考察提供准备区域, 一个中央存储, 医疗设施, 办公室, 休闲空间, 车间和厂区.

Minimising the environmental impact of Rothera Research Station is a key part of BAS’s vision for the site. 使用定制的BREEAM认证和评估系统, developed by BAS with support from Ramboll in collaboration with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to suit the special Antarctic setting, 协助确保达到最高的环境和可持续性标准.

节能, aerodynamic design is oriented into the prevailing wind and utilises a deflector to channel air at higher speeds down the leeward face, 尽量减少拼搏体育官网客户端下载周围的积雪. 这是第一次在南极洲使用这种规模的雪和风导流板, which will prove hugely beneficial due to snow clearance causing major disruption to operations on the station. 通过雪建模和站内用户输入收集的数据, the team has ensured the orientation of the buildings and their main access points have minimal impact from snow accumulation. The operations building has been designed using a steel frame to allow for future flexibility in reconfigurations. The inclusion of precast concrete in several the buildings also enables quicker on-site construction and higher quality control.



为了提高能源效率,安博实施了一项全场地的能源战略. 使用专门开发的数字工具-参数能量模拟拼搏体育官网客户端下载流程(ESW), Ramboll has identified the optimal sustainable designs for heating and powering the 研究 station. The ESW combines CIBSE best practice energy modelling methodology with genetic algorithms to goal seek and find the best possible solution within stated parameters. 该工具在几周内评估了超过500万个场景的解决方案, ensuring that no stone was left unturned. 交互式用户界面使BAS能够轻松地查询数据集, enabling easy and efficient decision making. The proposed solution delivered, 不仅满足能源需求, it significantly reduces fuel consumption, a key component in the Rothera modernisation in its long term aims to have net-zero carbon emissions. 

After undertaking the energy modelling, 安博设计了机械和电气拼搏体育官网客户端策略, 使用最优的解决方案,提供最佳的能源效率, whilst ensuring they are simple to maintain. 提出的解决方案包括从发电中回收余热, 哪些将被供应到集中供热网络和分布在车站周围. 热电联产机组和太阳能光伏的混合也被包括在拟议的设计中. 拼搏体育官网客户端亦正进行BREEAM预评,目标是取得优异成绩.

A glimpse into construction of the new Rothera wharf

Final Rothera wharf Season 2 - 2019/20

Before the team could begin the final construction season of the wharf 2000 tonnes of snow had to be cleared, 因为在黑暗的南极冬季,该基地无法运作. The remaining 14 out of 20 steel frames that form the wharf’s skeleton were put in place and backfilled with rock, 保护结构. The first ships, including the RRS 詹姆斯·克拉克·罗斯, moored at the new wharf in April 2020.


First Rothera wharf season 1 - 2018/19

在第一季中, BAM施工团队, 在Ramboll的支持下,现场监督员解构了老比斯科码头. Temporary cargo unloading and boat launch facilities were set-up and the first six steel frames of the new wharf were lowered into place.

Extreme construction to build the new wharf

在世界上最偏远的地方之一建造新码头面临着诸多挑战. Every nut and bolt needed to be accounted for and the 4,500 tonnes of equipment was shipped 11,000 km from the UK to 南极洲. The construction team practiced full-scale assembly of the 45 tonne steel frames in Southampton to identify unexpected challenges or additional pieces of equipment needed whilst still in the UK.

Wharf geotechnical site assessments

In preparation for the design of the new wharf, Ramboll worked closely with divers to assess and obtain a clear picture of the new quay wall’s proposed location. Having developed a dive methodology and inspection plan, 两名潜水员测量并可视地捕捉到岩石的裂缝间距和地质特征. The survey had to overcome several difficulties caused by the natural elements of the site with rubble and overhanging ice cliffs restricting access to a section of the sea bed and the eastern side of the quay wall. Aiming to minimise any environmental impact, Ramboll carried out an initial assessment of potential quarry locations to identify if local rock could be used to infill the wharf. Preparations for the new wharf also required a survey of proposed bollard locations and examination of rock type to ensure it could withstand the forces of the new ship when anchored.

About Government investment in the AIMP

受自然环境研究委员会(UKRI-NERC)委托, the long-term modernisation programme of the BAS facilities will transform how BAS enables and supports polar 科学. Together with the commissioning of the RRS 大卫·阿滕伯勒爵士, the modernisation programme at the UK’s Antarctic 研究 facilities represents the largest Government investment in polar 科学 infrastructure ever. It will enable a world-leading capability and ensure that Britain remains at the forefront of climate, biodiversity and ocean 研究 in the Polar regions.


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